FIDIC-Module 5

Management and Administration of FIDIC Contracts
إدارة وتنظيم عقود الفيديك

Module 4

Online  ـ من 25 إلى  يوليو إلى 15 أغسطس 2022م
الإثنين والأربعاء من كل إسبوع ـ من الساعة 6 إلى 9 مساءً بتوقيت القاهرة

Dr. Eng. Nabil Abbas
FIDIC Certified Trainer

This practical training course explains and illustrates the use of the FIDIC EPC Contract (the “Engineering, Procurement and Construction/Turnkey Contract” or “Silver Book”). The course is designed to help the participants have confidence in working with this document whether representing employers, consultants or contractors.

Throughout the course, participants will be provided with case studies based on real projects and contracts. These will be used as the basis for homework to be completed between sessions. Sharing of best practices among the participants and the trainer will also be organised.

The online course focuses on the 2017 Silver Book, but the sessions also highlight the main differences between this and the earlier edition from 1999.

For those who want to understand and work with the Silver Book, this is a course not to miss!

  • Understand the differences between the EPC model and more commonly encountered models (Design-Bid-Build, Design & Build)
  • Gain a sound knowledge of the FIDIC Silver Book clauses and their practical application.
  • Understand how to adapt the Silver Book to your project and the pitfalls to avoid.


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