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Engineering Contracts Management (ECM)

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Learning Outcomes

A-    Sources of Obligation in Civil Legislation.

(1) sources of obligation.
(2) Obligations of the parties to the contract.

B-    FIDIC International Construction Contracts.

C-    Risks in FIDIC Contracts.

(1) Obligations of the parties to the
(2) Force majeure and the risks of the owner between FIDIC 1999 and exceptional
events in FIDIC.
(3) Risks-according-to-FIDIC-Contracts.
(4) Project-Design-Risks-Management.
(5) Risks-in-FIDIC-Contracts-workshop.

D-    Claims and Dispute Resolution under FIDIC.

(1) The FIDIC Conditions of Contracts
(3) Risks-Allocation
(4) Variations
(5) Adjustments
(6) Employer’s and Contractor’s (Principle)
(7) Claims Procedures
(8) Employer’s and Contractor’s (Quantum)
(9) Arbitration and dispute resolution
(10) Workshop-on-Claims

E-    Arbitration and dispute resolution.

(1) Basic-concepts-in-arbitration.
(2) Dispute-resolution methods.
(3) A case-study related to construction, wages, and insurances.
(4) A case-study of a potential dispute in an arbitration case related to
construction and banks.
(5) A case-study of a possible dispute in an arbitration case related to the
construction of mining sites.
(6) Presentation and discussion of an arbitral case in a construction
contract-related dispute.

F-     FIDIC Contract Drafting Workshops.

Education and
Evaluation Committee.

·  Mr. Mahmoud Sabra Consultant in drafting contracts at the United Nations and the
World Bank.

  Dr. Eng Nabil Muhammad Ali Abbas -Saudi Arabia – FIDIC Certified Trainer.

  Dr. Eng. Tahseen Saleh– FIDIC Certified Trainer

·  MR. A Mohamed Abdelrahman Ghoula – Member of the Executive Office of the Arab
Arbitration Commission- Member of the FIDIC Contracts Arabization Committee-
Arbitrator and consultant for contracts and claims.
Prof. Dr. Osama Atout – Professor of Law – Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Arbitrators – England
Dr. Eng. Moustafa Ismail – Contracts and Claims Director..
  Dr. Eng. Nabil Shehada – Consultant Emirates Society of Engineers.



40 Units

Student has completed materials eligible for
the program and are described above are, and got:

120 Training Hours